ParticleCollisionAlgorithm Class Reference

#include <rimParticleCollisionAlgorithm.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~ParticleCollisionAlgorithm ()
virtual void testForCollisions (CollisionResultSet &result)=0
virtual CollisionManifoldtestForCollisions (const CollisionShapeInstance *shape1, const CollisionShapeInstance *shape2)=0
void addPair (RigidObject *object, const CollisionShapeInstance *shape, Particle *particle)
void addPair (Particle *particle, RigidObject *object, const CollisionShapeInstance *shape)
virtual CollisionAlgorithmclone () const =0
 Construct a copy of this algorithm and return a pointer to it.
virtual const CollisionShapeTypegetShapeType1 () const =0
virtual const CollisionShapeTypegetShapeType2 () const =0

Protected Attributes

ArrayList< Particle * > particle1Array
ArrayList< Particle * > particle2Array
ArrayList< const
CollisionShapeInstance * > 
ArrayList< const
CollisionShapeInstance * > 

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ParticleCollisionAlgorithm::~ParticleCollisionAlgorithm (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void ParticleCollisionAlgorithm::testForCollisions ( CollisionResultSet result  )  [pure virtual]

virtual CollisionManifold* ParticleCollisionAlgorithm::testForCollisions ( const CollisionShapeInstance shape1,
const CollisionShapeInstance shape2 
) [pure virtual]

void ParticleCollisionAlgorithm::addPair ( RigidObject object,
const CollisionShapeInstance shape,
Particle particle 
) [inline]

void ParticleCollisionAlgorithm::addPair ( Particle particle,
RigidObject object,
const CollisionShapeInstance shape 
) [inline]

virtual CollisionAlgorithm* ParticleCollisionAlgorithm::clone (  )  const [pure virtual]

Construct a copy of this algorithm and return a pointer to it.

virtual const CollisionShapeType& ParticleCollisionAlgorithm::getShapeType1 (  )  const [pure virtual]

virtual const CollisionShapeType& ParticleCollisionAlgorithm::getShapeType2 (  )  const [pure virtual]

Member Data Documentation

ArrayList<Particle*> ParticleCollisionAlgorithm::particle1Array [protected]

ArrayList<Particle*> ParticleCollisionAlgorithm::particle2Array [protected]

ArrayList<const CollisionShapeInstance*> ParticleCollisionAlgorithm::shape1Array [protected]

ArrayList<const CollisionShapeInstance*> ParticleCollisionAlgorithm::shape2Array [protected]

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